I can honestly say that Fluent has been the best development partner and UX agency that I’ve ever worked with. The talent and execution skills they bring to the table have been instrumental in our success. Unlike some partners, they became a close part of the team, and we’ve never considered them to be an outside partner, but part of the family. Fluent’s skills in developing technical strategy, executing development, and creating compelling UX is a asset that would benefit any company looking to push the envelope in digital innovation.
Chief Technical Officer, Ieso

Ieso’s trailblazing approach has been proven to help sufferers from depression and anxiety get better, faster

Their technology enables them to capture and draw on data from over 100,000 patient-therapist interactions. They use the collective learnings to improve clinical practice for therapists and, in turn, outcomes for patients.

Fluent has worked with Ieso for a number of years and in that time we’ve learnt about the nuts and bolts of their business and technology. So when Ieso announced their intention to accelerate growth in the UK and enter the US market, they called on our UX and development expertise to help them attract the investment they needed to expand and scale up.

The results are compelling:
Ieso report an increase in the amount of patients who recover by as much as 50%.

Our first task was a mammoth UX project to modernise over 100 different “views” within their patient-therapist interface

The underlying functionality had to stay the same while the facelift took place and we had to make sure that any changes we did make didn’t break anything on their existing platform. To add to the challenge, Ieso continued to develop aspects of it at the same time as we were giving it a makeover. Rebuilding a plane whilst it’s in the air is the kind of challenge we relish, and together we delivered in time for a vital round of funding.

That milestone event raised £18 million from investors - the largest amount raised by a digital behavioural health business in Europe. The financing represented a huge vote of confidence in Ieso’s platform, business model and leadership team and meant that the next phase of work could begin.

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Ieso’s most pressing need was to augment their in-house development team quickly so they could deliver their strategic plan. Hiring good developers can be difficult, especially outside the London bubble, but Fluent’s broad skillset combined with in-depth product knowledge and agile working methods, meant we were perfectly placed to hit the ground running.

Our developers are completely integrated with Ieso’s own in house teams - we join their planning calls, attend daily stand ups and often work from their office, alongside their developers. And because our Fluent developers already know - and rate - one another, there’s no competition or one-upmanship, we just get on with the job.

We can scale up or down in line with project demand - spiking a team to help solve pressing technical challenges, but scaling back when need be. This flexibility has given Ieso the space to find and recruit the best permanent staff, without having to resort to an ‘anyone is better than no-one’ hiring approach.

Moving the software to a microservice architecture

Microservice illustration

Most recently we’ve been working together to move the software to a microservice architecture - introducing new functionality and improving existing features so that it will be easier to maintain in future. Examples include: building a new API to register new patients faster, eradicating an outdated patient discharge process and creating a new app to enable patients to organise, access and chat with therapists on their mobiles.

For therapists, we’ve built a single sign on portal, which means they no longer have to log in to multiple different healthcare providers to access their patient notes and appointments.

While having the right skills and agile processes in place have been essential to getting all this work over the line, two things have made our day-to-day partnership a success: trust and open channels of communication.

Award winning

In 2017 Ieso won the Digital Experience Award for outstanding digital innovation and was named as one of the UK’s Top 10 Disruptors in the 'Sunday Times Virgin Media Business Disruptors to Watch 10.'

With ambitions to grow the business by £150m over next 5 years, the future looks bright for Ieso. We’re proud to be shaping it with them.

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