User experience (UX) and design

Your end user’s success is your success. Fluent UX and design immerses the whole process in a rich understanding of your business, your sector, and your customer. The result captures your identity and satisfies a tangible need.

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Collaborate with our experts to co-author a lasting expression of your mission and vision. Our iterative design philosophy means we’re with you, and your users, for the whole journey.

Discovery: Strategy and design research

Our discovery phase is potentially the most valuable part of the process. We start to get a sense of empathy with both your business and its customers. That empathy underpins everything we do.

Throughout the process, we balance your ultimate vision with actionable opportunities and near-term priorities. Let us keep the great flowing, while we chase the perfect together.

Experience design

Give your users experiences that delight them and satisfy their needs with zero friction. Fluent journey mapping and a deep knowledge of information architecture make it possible.

Our approach is rooted in rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration. We don’t do big dramatic reveals; we work with you step-by-step, finding what works, always refining and optimising.

Product design

Fluent product design protects your brand and secures your long-term consistent identity. We use design systems to produce intuitive experiences that scale up alongside your operations.

A strong focus on accessibility opens your experience up to the widest possible audience. Make design thinking your business’ USP.

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Clients MH

Young Enterprise: Money Heroes

A financial education platform that guides kids towards better financial literacy

Fluent and Royal Veterinary College project image

Royal Veterinary College

An interactive ‘cow compensation’ tool for policy makers

Fluent and RICS project image


New public, admin and eCommerce sites, all working with legacy systems

Clients Psyomics


A web-based medical device for mental health triage and assessment

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Talk to us about slashing friction, satisfying needs, and giving your users the smoothest possible journey. Fluent UX and design takes your digital development to the next level.

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