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Lumie pioneered integrated dawn simulators, alarm clocks that wake the sleeper up naturally with steadily increasing light, and now produce a range of innovative light therapy devices to treat many different conditions.

Fluent’s first challenge from Lumie was to optimise their Amazon sales channel against the fierce competition of big brands and cheap knockoffs. This was chiefly about content: finding the right messages, striking the right tone, and balancing the scientific with the readable.  

The next was a bigger project, to design and build a new e-commerce platform. In addition to Amazon and large UK chain stores, Lumie sells many products direct from its own website. It sounds obvious now, but the first thing we recommended was to focus the website on ecommerce. As a research and manufacturing company, Lumie has many strings to its bow. But to create the best shopping experience for their customers, anything unrelated to product sales had to play second string.

The partnership with Lumie continues - from localised ecommerce sites in Europe to a calculator that uses 3 different Google APIs to help you overcome jet lag. Lumie is a pioneering British business. We’re proud to work with them to bring light into people’s lives.

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