As long time supporters of Hope For Justice, Fluent were proud to be asked to collaborate on SFA from its inception. 

SFA have trained staff who work with businesses of all sizes to formulate an action plan for combatting slavery in the supply chain - from formulating a Modern Slavery Statement to training staff. They asked Fluent to build a members portal that allows SFA staff to create a custom action plan for each member and monitor their progress through that plan.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information being submitted, it was crucial for SFA to be able to protect that information with secure user login procedures, including industry standard two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA is a method of confirming users' claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors - in this case, combining something only known by them (a password) with something only owned by them (a mobile phone). 

Slave-Free Alliance Two factor authentication flow

To have both members and admins requiring 2FA is fairly unique scenario - and certainly something we’d never tried in Umbraco before.  So the challenge for our developer was how to get Authy (our app of choice for this) working in both areas together.

You can read more about the nitty gritty technical stuff in this blog post.

Once successfully logged in (using 2FA, naturally) members can plot their progress against a defined set of action plan “tasks”.

We custom-built a back-office section in Umbraco to allow SFA staff to create action plans. Here, they can draw on existing ‘stock’ content or even create new categories and tasks for completion by  a specific date.

It’s still early days, but some big names are already on board and turning a potential business risk into ethical best practice.

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