RVC came to Fluent with their calculation model in a spreadsheet. They wanted us to turn it into a more accessible format to help engage government policy makers with the research.  

The calculation process was complex and the number of inputs quite large.  So we came up with an interactive tool that broke the calculations down into 4 smaller, animated steps - each of which focuses on one area of data:

  • Step 1 - “The Farm” - livestock numbers, breeding and milk production levels.
  • Step 2 - “Prices” - livestock and milk costs.
  • Step 3 - “Disease” - infection rates and the effect of the disease on production and fertility.
  • Step 4 - “Test and slaughter” - the efficacy of the slaughter process on the disease and the sensitivity and specificity of the test.

Changing certain inputs produces corresponding changes in the animations. For example in the Disease step, the effect of changing the numbers of infected animals or reducing milk output are visually represented.

Royal Veterinary College cow compensation tool image from a project by Fluent

The results of the calculations are displayed as an infographic style presentation with the number of offspring and volume of milk displayed as animated and interactive graphs. The format makes it really clear for anyone to see how much compensation would need to be paid per animal for the disease control programme to have no adverse economic impact on the farm.

The project was delivered as a package of html, javascript, css and image files for deployment on RVC’s own web server and displayed inside a wiki.

Royal Veterinary College cow compensation tool infographic from a project by Fluent

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