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Your work, understood by a wider audience

Your research is world-class, but funding often requires demonstrating its significance and impact. Whether it's putting together deliverables for stakeholders, or making your results accessible to a wider audience, presenting your research is the crucial conclusion to your hard work. Effective research communication unlocks the next step - in project funding, commercialisation options or your career.

Enlightened funding shouldn't require you to be a master of every skill needed for the entire process. Fluent is a supplier to many UK universities, helping create the deliverables of research grants and communicating the results and impact of your work.

Our skills in User Experience and Design are all about making a complex system feel familiar but also inviting discovery. Custom front-end web applications can sit as a layer on top of theoretical models or processed data to make them available to others. A microsite can be the perfect package to deliver your research project to your followers, alongside the rigor of academic publication.

We love taking on esoteric challenges and brilliant thinking and packaging it for the web - ready to share with the world.

More thoughts on presenting research

As technology evolves, so do we. Read the Fluent blog and see our latest perspectives.

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Got a clever data model? Want to share it with others rather than just telling them how great it is? Let us help you turn research into an engaging experience.

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