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Digital product development trends for 2024... and reflecting on 2023

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Once again, we’ve reached the time of year when we look ahead at what digital product development has in store for us in the upcoming year. But this time, there's a twist—we're not just looking forward, we're also revisiting our predictions from 2022 to see which trends we got right and which ones never really took off. 

Let's rewind a bit. Remember our 2023 predictions? We won't hold it against you if they're a bit hazy: predicted digital product development trends for 2023.

Reflecting on 2023's Predictions

1 - A wider adoption of low-code platforms

While our enthusiasm envisioned a more pronounced uptake, the reality hasn't mirrored our expectations. Undoubtedly, in select scenarios, low-code has found its niche, particularly within nascent technological innovations. A cursory glance at Google Trends reveals a peak of interest around March 2023, albeit tapering off gradually. Perhaps, this fall might be intertwined with our second prediction for 2023.



2 - AI everywhere

Affirmative! The wildfire-like spread of AI has been unmistakable, catalysed notably by the launch of ChatGPT. It's been the focal point of numerous conversations, echoing our predictions from early November 2022 where we speculated — just before ChatGPT's arrival — a world in which blog posts would be crafted by an AI bot. Today, we’ve moved rapidly past this and are now discussing the use of AI detection tools.

3 - Sustainability and ESG 

Back in 2022, we covered the ESG framework for sustainability strategies to succeed. Whilst the S in ESG is being well-executed by companies, the environmental and governance aspects can be a much harder thing to get right. However, if you start with social, often the momentum built will move other sustainable strategies of your business forward. In case you missed it, Fluent had 2 volunteer days in 2023 at Prospects Trust and the C3 food bank.

Predicted Trends for 2024

1 - Evolution of automation

Automation, hyper-automation and generative AI have been a common topic of conversation at events attended this year. We expect those conversations to actualise in 2024, as hyper-automation will redefine workflows, integrating AI, machine learning, and low-code platforms. The convergence of these technologies will elevate operational efficiencies, changing not just how tasks are accomplished but how innovation is sparked.

2 - Human-centric AI advancements

Artificial Intelligence and its evolution aren't limited to algorithmic sophistication. 2024 will witness an emphasis on human-centric AI, focusing on ethical, transparent, and empathetic AI systems. With a surge in AI's role across sectors, the spotlight will be on responsible AI that augments human capabilities while upholding ethical standards. In case you missed it, in November 2023, we explored this very conversation in a blog post focused on empathetic design & AI in healthcare UX.

3 - Immersive personalised experiences 

Our third digital product trend is around the interfaces that will need to adapt to real-time user behaviours, preferences and needs. Designers will focus on building interfaces that not only respond to user interactions but also anticipate their intentions, providing a seamless and individualised journey through digital products and services. Expect interfaces that feel tailor-made for each user, enhancing engagement and satisfaction levels.

4 - Sustainable technology

Sustainable technology will continue to take centre stage during 2024 as countries and corporations continue to work on meeting net-zero commitments. The intersection of climate energy research and commercialisation is set to surge, fueled not just by innovative ideas but also by a growing pool of investors eager to support impactful solutions.

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